A wide selection of guidance solutions with various correction signal ranges are offered. Choose the one that best responds to your needs.

TMX-2050: Innovation and precision


The TMX-2050 makes you work hard and smart. Take advantage of a system which adapts to your reality and allows you to take control of your entire operation to improve productivity.

This model is compatible with many ISOBUS machines and tools.

FM-750 : Intuitive Precision


The FM-750 is an excellent, versatile monitor to insure section control as well as an application for managing variable inputs. It also allows you to qualify for the MAPAQ's Prime-Vert grant programs

Manure Management

Using the FM-750, you make good management of manure application as info is all stocked into the system, including the nutriments applied.

For more details, refer to the spec sheet or the user guide of the product.

EZ-Guide 250 : For total simplicity !


EZ-Guide 250 is one of the most appreciated devices for replacing traditional markers. It offers surprising capabilities such as shared speed advancement with other consoles, and remains affordable and easy to use.

To learn more about this product, please refer to the spec sheet or the user guide available on the Trimble website.

Learn more by contacting your New-Net Network representative for more details about which products best meet your needs.

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