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Launch of New Maintenance and Warranty Program

February 23, 2018

It is with great enthusiasm that J.R. Brisson Equipment and Longus, CASE Construction dealerships of the Terapro Group, launch their new SERVICE PRO program for preventive maintenance and extended warranty.   

This program lets the contractors focus on what really matters which is their business. The tailor-made aspect of the program allows the user to choose among  the  various options offered and personalize the service based on the needs and usage of his equipment, which provides greater flexibility for the owner/operator. 

Thanks to the telematics, we can plan and carry out the necessary maintenance on the equipment to ensure optimal performance when needed. Opting for SERVICE PRO means peace of mind, saving time and money, personalized service and a better resale value.      

SERVICE PRO: Our responsibility, your peace of mind. 

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