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Other services

Topographical surveying

Get mapping and topographical surveying with a 1-2 cm margin of error for your agri-environmental fertilisation plan (AEFP), farm plan or prescription maps with variable-rate amendments. To learn more, please contact La Coop | VIVACO technical services department.

Lease a Rustler with GPS

Would you prefer to do it yourself? Take advantage of our leasing services with a New Holland, GPS-equipped Rustler. Contact your New-Net Network representative to learn more.

Grading maps

With topographical surveying, the New-Net Network agronomist-engineer can plan grading operations.

Cost: Based on the number of hectares

Soil analysis

The New-Net Network offers soil analysis to calculate average yield in each field. It is also possible to obtain geolocation soil analysis. Next step: variable-rate applications

Prescription maps

Many of the GPS systems offered by New-Net Network can be used for variable-rate applications, such as ag-lime, for example. Download the free PLM software that allows you to manage your data:

Our partner, La Coop des Bois-Francs technical service department, can also supply files in the computer language required. To learn more, please contact them directly:

La Coop | VIVACO technical services   

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