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Correction services

Guidance solutions allow access to correction signals. Your selection must be made based on the type of usage as this is what guides the precision level for your needs.

RTK Correction

RTK correction implies that mobile devices connect through a radio link, often 900 mhz, to a nearby reference station. Range is around 10 km. This type of correction is interesting for grading and drainage operations because it offers extreme precision, specifically: 5 mm in longitudes and latitudes, 1 cm in elevation.

Leasing the base

You can lease the base (900 mhz) for the amount of time necessary:

Cost: $2,000 per month

Advantages: Lease to buy

If following use you realize it would be preferable to purchase the equipment, 85% of the money paid on the lease will be transferred as a deposit towards the purchase.

VRS Correction

VRS correction uses a cellular modem that receives a corrected signal via the Internet. The modem uses a link towards a correction source allowing it to obtain a margin of error of equal distance similar to the RTK correction. However, since the VRS is not limited to a 10 km range, it is possible to use a more distant distributor.

Note: For each kilometer, at least 1 mm of precision in longitude and latitude and 2 mm in elevation are lost.

Cost: $1,200$ per year

RTX Technology

The new RTX technology is very interesting for users that do not wish to use a modem, radio, reference station or other devices. It offers a correction source that is sent to a GPS receiver via satellite. Two packages are offered for an annual fee:

RangePoint: Margin of error is +/- 10 cm

CenterPoint: Margin of error is +/- 3 cm

Strong points: Unlike free correction solutions, the RTX technology allows the repetition of saved data, such as memory storage of the exact, same tracks year after year.

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