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TERAPRO Visits New Holland Plants in Europe!

December 10, 2015

It is with great interest that a group of 8 agricultural producers visited the New Holland manufacturing plants in Europe, along with Machinerie CH. 

During the 1-week stay, they had the opportunity to visit 3 plants in action including the one that manufactures the combine CX, the self-propelled harvester FR and the large square balers BB at Zedelgem in Belgium, the plant that manufacture the transmission of the T6 and T7 tractor series at Antwerp in Belgium, as well as the plant that manufacture tractors from the T6 and T7 series at Basildon in England.  

Quality is key for great products at New Holland, and participants have been able to notice it by assisting at the quality control process which is inpired by a Japanese technique. Each machinery is analyzed to ensure it meets the standard requirements of efficiency, security and performance before being sent over to our branches. 

The travellers have also been able to enjoy the sightseeing and the great food during their stay by visiting Bruges, Ghent and Ypres in Belgium, as well as London in England.  

The next New Holland trip to Europe will be held in March 2016. There are stll some places available, so if you are interested please contact your Inotrac or Machinerie CH representant to get more details,

To great discovery!



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