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Motor Grader
Motor Grader
Motor Grader

Move more dirt with less energy

Maximize your productivity with a Case motor grading machine that will meet your needs. Equiped with remarkable visibility and amazingly easy maintenance, this grader will be your ally through all kinds of projects, even those that are long and hard.


Available models


865B AWD 885B 885B AWD
Gross hp (kW) at 2200 RPM 178/190/205 (133/142/153) 178/190/205 (133/142/153) 205/219 (153/163) 205/219 (153/163)
Operating weight - lb. 33,796 35,273 39,771 41,248
Turning radius  23 ft. 9 in. 23 ft. 9 in. 23 ft. 11 in. 23 ft. 11 in.

To learn more about this product, please refer to the spec sheet available on the Case Construction website