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Workmaster Compact

Série Workmaster compact
Workmaster compact
Série Workmaster compact
Série Workmaster compact

Versitle, Reliable and Affordable

The Workmaster compacts are powerful, yet fuel efficient, to help you tackle your thoughest tasks. They come with security robs for which you can add a canopy roof. Known for delivering outstanding value for their performance, these tractors are easy-to-operate. Though on jobs, easy on the wallet.  

Available models

25 (4WD)

35 (4WD)40 (4WD)
Displacement (L)80.4 (1.3)114.7 (1.9)114.7 (1.9)
Gross  horsepower hp (kW)24.7 (18.2)35 (26.1)40 (29.2)
PTO horsepower hp19/1729.7/2834/32
HydrostaticStandard configuration
Gear options12F x 12R12F x 12R12F x 12R
3-points hitch / PTO
Lift capacity lb. (kg)1808 (820)1808 (820)1808 (820)
PTO speed options540 tr/min

To learn more about this product, please refer to the spec sheet available on the New Holland website

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