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Grain Auger –BackSaver Series

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Farm King leading product

A unique model thanks to the SCISSOR LIFT undercarriage that lifts the auger gently and easily. Growers can work near silos with peace of mind. 


Available models
Wheel (ft)910121212121214.613.414.6
Height (fti)11.2 to 3611.3 to 43.812.6 to 4813.6 to 5513.7 to 5013.8 to 59.614.8 to 66.410.9 to 7813.2 to 5714.10 to 77.4
Forward reach min.-max. (ft)26-1830.3-22.335.8-27.145.7-34.936.11-27.545.6-31.155.4-38.963.6-47.244.1-33.457.8-36.11
Auger size (in x ft)10x5010x6010x7010x8013x7013x8513x9513x11416x8416x104
Required PTO HP (540 RPM)404855658090100165150175
Bridging (in)Cable 3/8Cable 3/8Cable 1/2Cable 1/2Cable 1/2Cable 1/2Cable 1/2Steel tube structureUpper cable 3/4Upper cable 3/4 and side cable 1/2
Hoper dimensions (in)43 1/2x6043 1/2x6043 1/2x6043 1/2x6043 1/2x6043 1/2x6043 1/2x6043 1/2x6048x6048x60
Tubing12 gauges12 gauges12 gauges12 gauges12 gauges12 gauges12 gauges12 gauges1 and 2:10 Ga 3 and 4:11 Ga1 and 2:10 Ga 3.4 and 5:11 Ga
Weight (lb)254529873354362251756381668315 00011 00013 000
Hitch weight (lb)--840-11401270-270022002700


o learn more about this product, please refer to the Farm King website.

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