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Speedrower PLUS SP Windrowers

Andaineuse Automotrice
Speedrower PLUS SP Windrower
Andaineuse Automotrice

Unmatched power & control!

Benefit from a vast selection of models with the New Holland speedrower(R) PLUS windrower that allows you to harvest almost anything: alfalfa, grass, small grains, lentils and peas. 

The industry-leadind leads in terms of speed. Get up 32 kph in-field and 48 kph on-road. 30% faster rgan prior Speedrowers.

Other available options: Dual windrow-merger

Available models
ModelsSpeedrower(R) 160 PLUSSpeedrower(R) 220 PLUSSpeedrower(R) 260 PLUS
Cutting Table (width) (ft)14, 16, or 1816 or 1816 or 18

To learn more about this product, please refer to the spec sheet available on the New Holland website

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