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Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters FR

Fourragère Automotrice FR EcoBlue
FR Forage Cruiser SP Forage Harvester
FR Forage Cruiser SP Forage Harvester

For incomparable cutting power and quality! 

With its wide feed rollers (33.9 in), the EcoBlue New Holland self-propelled forage harvester offers high-quality and large capacity cutting ability. 

Easy machine maintenance allows you to maximize your time.

Available models
Models FR480 FR550 FR650 FR780 FR850 FR920
Max. power 350/476 400/544 480/653 570/775 606/824 670/911
Engine FPT Cursor 13 FPT Cursor 13 FPT Cursor 16 FPT Cursor 16 FPT Vector 20 FPT V20
Cutterhead width 34,5 in  

To learn more about this product, please refer to the spec sheet available on the New Holland website

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