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Bigbalers Plus Series

Presse à grosses balles carrées
Large Square Balers
Large Square Balers

Superior Bale Density from the Leader in Haytools

Density is king when it comes to produce big bales. Get impressive bale shape and more consistent bale density throughout the day. Count on efficiency with higher speed and higher bale quality


  • Ease & reliability
  • New double-weave knotter cap. Easy to clean
  • Manage baling on screen thanks to the touch screen 
  • Various models available with single or tandem axles 
Available models
ModelsBB330 PlusBB340 PlusBB340 HD
Bale width35.4''47.2''47.2''
Bale height31.5''35.4''35.4''
Max. bale length108''108''108''

To learn more about this product, please refer to the spec sheet available on the New Holland website

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