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Enrobeuse NWS720
Enrobeuse HYBRID X
Enrobeuse Fusion270
Enrobeuse RB500
Enrobeuse RB580
Enrobeuse RB680

For all types of forestry work

Whether for large or small forestry jobs, Anderson log loaders will be perfect for you thanks to their high-performance and ruggedness.    

Available models

Inline Wraper 

ModelNWS720IFX720Hybrid XFusion720*
BaleRoundRoundRound or squareRound or square
Push-button systemManualHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Bale size (max) (ft)6x56x56x5 ou 4x36x5 ou 3x3

*Also available as individual wraper

Individual Wraper 

Hitch type3-pointPulled behindPulled behindPulled behindPulled behindPulled behindPulled behind
Wrapping processManualManual AutoAutoAutoAutoAuto
Number of bales/h30404040407575
Bale typeRoundRoundRoundRoundRoundRoundRound or square


To learn more about this product, please refer to the Anderson website 

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