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Preventive measures - Business resumption

May 13, 2020

Dear Clients

As the start of the season approaches, we fully expect to resume our activities in the coming days. Knowing that there will be more employees and more customers in the workplace, TERAPRO has therefore decided to outline and reinforce all our preventive measures across all our branches, in order to accommodate you in a safe and healthy environment.

For this reason, TERAPRO is committed to ensuring that:

  • the health of all our employees is monitoring on a daily basis so as not to put any worker or other person at risk of contracting the virus in the workplace.
  • the workplace is organised in such a way as to respect the social distance guideline of 2 metres between any workers and other people present on the premises as much as possible:
    • Plexiglass, floor decals, circulation aisles, restricted spaces, roadside safety perimeters (cones).
  • personal protective devices are required whenever duties entail being within 2 metres of another person.
    • Working with a team on a machine, presenting a machine ready to be sold, work supervision, etc.
  • facilities are available in the workplace to enable clients and employees to wash their hands frequently, prioritizing the use of soap and water. In the absence of water, an alcohol-based gel will be available.


Accordingly, we ask for your full cooperation in complying with our preventive measures. The health of your families and those of our employees is of the utmost importance to us. Consequently, our employees have the right to refuse service to any customer who does not comply with the measures we have put in place.

As a final reminder, here are a few rules to follow when you visit one of our branches or call our services:

  • We prefer payments via cards;
  • Wash your hands as soon as you enter one of our establishments and respect the appropriate coughing etiquette at all times;
  • Reschedule your visit if you have symptoms of COVID-19;
  • Make sure to always keep a distance of 2 meters between you and other customers or employees;
  • Place the items you wish to return in the box intended for this purpose;
  • Notify the Service Department of the exact location of the machine and if possible, try to place it outside. If this is not possible, make sure the building can be accessed in such a way as to limit physical contact;
  • Call us before coming in order to minimize the time needed to process your file or your order on the actual work site;

Once again, thank you for continuing to put your trust in us and for contributing to the smooth running of our facilities in such large numbers!

TOGETHER, we know that it's going to be okay!

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