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T7 Tier 4B EcoBlue

Tracteur T7 Tier 4B EcoBlue

New Holland offers a tractor with incomparable precision

Benefit from renewed efficiency and precision in your work thanks to the T7 New Holland tractor equipped with an EcoBLUE system. Comfort and power are guaranteed, too. 

3 remarkable features

  • Auto Command or Power Command transmission
  • Integrated front lift
  • GPS ready
Available models
  Standard Wheelbase Long Wheelbase
Models T7.175 T7.190 T7.210 T7.230 T7.245 T7.260 T7.270
Gross engine 140 150 165 180 200 220 240
PTO horsepower 110 125 139 150 170 190 210
Hydraulic system        
Main pump flow standard 29.8 gpm (112 l./min) 32 gpm (120 l./min)
MegaFlow optional 33 gpm (125 l./min) 39.5 gpm (150 l./min)
3-point hitch / PTO        
Lift capacity 12,185 lb.  12,787 lb.
PTO speed options 540/1000 rpm

To learn more about this product, please refer to the spec sheet available on the New Holland website

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