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COVID-19 Communiqué - Update - Longus and J.R. Brisson Equipment

March 25, 2020

Dear Clients,


We are open!

Longus and J.R. Brisson are dedicated to service many sectors than qualify as essential services, as we supply Parts, Technical Services, Machines and Rental Services to essential service providers that rely on:

  • Government, Emergency or Utilities Fleet Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Mission-critical equipment

We are therefore committed to maintain essential services, with reduced personnel, and an elaborate plan to reduce risks for our clients and personnel.

Please note that we are open from 07:00 to 16:00, Monday to Friday, until further notice.

  • We ask that our personnel and visitors follow strict cleaning and social distancing procedures, as noted in our branches.
  • We will support urgent Service requirements.
  • Our Parts operations ask that clients use the phone, email or text messages to communicate their order, that we will gladly pick and pack for pick-up. Today, our supply chain is yet to be strongly affected.
  • We will of course help with machine or rental requirements.


We are proud to help maintain essential services.


For the latest news, please follow our website or Facebook page, or communicate with us in the usual phone or email channels.


Thank you!


General Managers - Longus et J.R. Brisson Equipment

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