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Mini Excavators

Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator

For improved mobility

Power, productivity and improved mobility are offered by the Case compact hydraulic excavator. With its ability to dig around immovable objects or along foundations, this is an ideal machine for numerous industries: landscaping, public works, demolition, construction, industrial projects. Improve efficiency today! 

Available models
Under 3 metric tons 
Models Net hp Operating weight - lb.
CX17B 15.15 3,638
CX27B 21.3 5,556
3 to 4 metric tons
Models Net hp Operating weight - lb.
CX31B 23.1 7,320
CX36B 23.1 8,212
On 4 metric tons 
Model Net hp Operating weight - lb.
CX55B 37.4 11,312

To learn more about this product, please refer to the spec sheet available on the Case Construction website